the basics


I’m currently the Data & Technology Director for PA 2-1-1 Southwest.  Don’t know what 2-1-1 is?  Learn about it here.

Previously, I was a linguist at Google, where I worked on identifying semantic boundaries and relationships for Google Shopping’s product categories and ontology.


In 2009 I received my MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh.  My studies focused on classification systems, metadata, and organizing information.

My BA from the University of Michigan (2006) is in Arts & Ideas in the Humanities”: a self-crafted, interdisciplinary potpourri of French language & literature, ancient Greek art, linguistics, art history, cinema, and studio art.

Here’s a fun experiment I did in library school to generate a back-of-the-book index for images of Greek vases.

I also keep studying other things.

art & volunteering

I create art in various mediums, but favor collage, papercutting, and acrylic or oil painting.

I’m part of the Carnegie Museum of Art‘s Skibo Society, a committee helping the museum cultivate art appreciation and engagement among young professionals and millennials in Pittsburgh.

I will happily donate time to non-profits and cultural institutions in need of expertise in metadata, controlled vocabularies, taxonomies, ontologies, or anything else related to architecting information to improve how humans interact with the digital and physical world.