Bu$ine$$ periodicals hall of shame

(I’m porting this post, and others, over from my old blog because I want my obsession with journals to be all in one place on the internet)

I can’t stand it any longer.  I have to share some of the choice covers that show up on the periodicals I display (against my will) and shelve each day.  You’d think that in a field that includes marketing, things like this wouldn’t happen:


You gotta love the literal translation of text into images.  Not only is Main St. sinking….it’s taking the former U.S. comptroller general with it!!?!


Best’s is always good for the floating heads, and the real unflattering pictures of people.


That’s from the cover of this month’s The Region / Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.  “Hey, stand by these evergreens and look like you’re in the middle of saying something, okay?”

And the all-time winner of shame is….



I wanted to include NPA Magazine, but could’nt find any cover images for it.  Instead, my search for it brought me to:




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