librarian blog titles

It’s ridiculously hard to come up with a blog title. I couldn’t settle on anything for this one. There are so many librarian blogs labeling themselves “the ____ librarian”, it seems kind of ridiculous to follow that formula. But I was thinking about it. Below are some excellent ideas that would alliteratively combine things I like with the word “librarian”:

the leggings librarian
the lightsaber librarian
the laser light show librarian
the line of scrimmage librarian
the left-brained librarian
the lake effect librarian
the lacunae librarian
the lip-synch librarian
the lager librarian (this isn’t true; i prefer ales)
the lait cafe librarian
the linear b librarian
the lambswool librarian
the langlauf librarian
the largo librarian
the liberal arts librarian
the lasagne librarian
the laser printer librarian

I wonder if anyone would take The Lasagne Librarian seriously. If only one could really be a librarian of these things. A lightsaber library?!


1 thought on “librarian blog titles”

  1. Garfield would take “The Lasagne Librarian” seriously. He loves lasagne.

    Names are crucial. One of the things that helped me decide on a title was its easy-on-the-tongue factor. I went with something short and easy that everyone could remember and spell without any problems. Lasagne is easy on the tongue, but tough to spell…

    F.Y.I. Our local librarian asked me to come up with some New Moon party ideas for a library-hosted New Moon party. I posted my party planner on my site, and I think you can just get to my site by clicking on my name here in the comments, if you’re interested. If not, my site is called Passing Love Notes, and I believe it’s possible to just google it. If I put the URL in this comment, then it thinks I’m spamming you. So I try not to do that.

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