Back to the future

abstract for a paper from 1978:

In the future, books will be available, although a number of texts will be published in a loose-leaf format; still pictures can be organised on microfiche; sound recordings should be available on microfiche; moving pictures can be satisfactorily retained as videocassettes. But other developments will affect librarians as well. The video-disc may soon be available commercially, increasingly users will wish to record broadcast items, all libraries will have teletext, holography will become more popular, and the ubiquitous silicon chip may well provide the answer to the mechanical complications which arise because audio and video equipment contains moving parts. A British non-book national listing should soon emerge, and domestic computers will proliferate in the next decade or so. Part-time study and distance education will place more pressure on libraries.

(Paper presented at the International and Comparative Librarianship Group Seminar 4: Into the future, chaired by Sir Harry T. Hookway.)

Fothergill, R. & Hookway, H. T. (1978). New media and the libraries [Abstract]. Proceedings from The Library Association Study School and National Conference. London, Library Association. Retrieved from LISA: Library and Information Science Abstracts.


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