Back in the saddle

After a lovely weekend of fun with Rooms C, and professional meanderings at the ARLIS/NA conference in Boston, life is back to normal…watching hockey, making soups….whooo the Canadiens just beat Washington!!! Anyways, what I wanted to post is an image of the first papercutting I’ve made in a long time. It is/was for a friend’s birthday, which is good motivation to make any crafty item. I think part of what kept me from making new cuttings for awhile is a feeling that I’d exhausted the easily accessible patterns, and was daunted by the thought of making my own (though I’d done it a couple times, with minimal success). Well, this cutting is the result of me morphing together 3 traditional Polish patterns from the book Folk Art Designs From Polish Wycinanki and Swiss and German Scherenschnitte. (or they might be from this book, I can’t remember). I wonder if this counts as a derivative work?!

p.s. See also this lovely blog about papercutting.


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