Desktop wallpapers #3

I guess it could be somewhat offensive to the photographers that I’m recommending their images as desktop wallpaper.  But it just means I think it’s a great photo!  If I had money and owned a house I would recommend photographs I like as “things to buy prints of and frame” but until then my computers have the only walls I’m allowed to wallpaper.   Even so, I will change the name of these posts from now on.

red maple leaves with blurry bg
"autumn leaves" by user Nossirom on
orange and yellow squiggly lights on dark background
"light" by user hoener on
starry sky over mt. rainier
"A Night at Mt. Rainier" by user Cap'n Surly on Flickr

The stars in that last image are really amazing.  I recommend other photos in “Cap’n Surly’s” stream as well. Very dramatic! There’s also some silhouettes of horses, which turn out to be a monument that I’ve never heard of despite living in Washington and visiting various points along the Columbia river.  I need to see this someday.


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