Random resources

The International Association of Yoga Therapists has bibliographies online relating to various health issues and yoga. It looks like the freely available ones haven’t been updated since 2006, but the variety of sources they include makes them a good starting point for research. There’s also a digital resource library with downloadable full-text of user-posted conference presentations, handouts, and papers.

And via a list-serv posting, I came across this “StreamNet Library: Fish Data for the Northwest“. According to their mission statement, this library serves…

“the scientific community of the Pacific Northwest and those working in cooperation with the region’s fish and wildlife recovery efforts, who are not otherwise served by a specialized library. We also serve the General Public who are interested in the issues surrounding the Columbia Basin and Salmon Recovery Efforts.[…]
The Library provides access to technical information and research on the Columbia River basin fisheries, ecosystems and other relevant subjects for states in the Pacific Northwest.” 

How cool would it be to be a fish data librarian?


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