apps r fun

Until today I’ve been pretty restrained with downloading apps for my new phone.  But I got bored/curious and downloaded a few today, including Retro Camera by Urbian, Inc.  I LOVE IT.  I had fun today just taking pictures of my workplace; imagine what I could do out in the world!  Even though retro-looking photos have been done so much it’s kind of sickening, I can’t help liking the look of them.  What I especially appreciate about this app is how the interface changes with each retro camera to make it kinda look like you’re using a different one each time.  And it’s just cute how the images hang on a string like in a darkroom.

taken with "xolaroid2000" camera
taken with "FudgeCan" camera
taken with pinhole camera
taken with "little orange box" camera

The app makes sharing photos easy too. I just emailed them to myself (and friends) but you can Facebook them or share via Twitter. The only drawback I’ve found so far is that some of the buttons are small and thus hard to touch accurately on the first try, and the viewfinder window can be a bit tiny. I apologize in advance if I start posting millions of fake polaroids on this blog.


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