I’m an ontologist and/or a taxonomist (not an oncologist nor a taxidermist).

I love the challenges of classifying anything and everything; so far I’ve cataloged, indexed, or created taxonomies for books, periodicals, social services, apps, and consumer products. Through my work, I hope to help people feel more comfortable with technology and empowered to get the information they need.  I’m interested in deconstructing the digital divide and investigating how information systems — especially user interfaces, classification systems, and machine learning — can perpetuate systems of oppression if not built by diverse teams focused on fairness, accountability, and transparency.

My past work has been in the fields of information & referral and academic libraries. I was with the University of Pittsburgh Library System for over 4 years, helping library users and working with print collections. After that, I worked on the United Way of Allegheny County’s 2-1-1 initiative.

I received my MLIS in 2009, having focused my studies on metadata, information retrieval, controlled vocabularies, and cultural heritage informatics. In my free time I get my arts and crafts on, read giant sci-fi books, do yoga, listen to Baroque music, and visit Pittsburgh’s lovely parks. For some eye candy, check out my growing collection of West German / Fat Lava pottery!


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