Visualizing the LCSH: May 2011

150 Ice cream trucks [May Subd Geog] [sp2002009439]
* 550 BT Food trucks
* 550 BT Trucks CANCEL

2 dogs with their paws on the window of a dog-oriented ice cream truck

150 Mixed media painting [May Subd Geog] [sp 85086321]
* 550 BT Mixed media (Art)

abstract mixed media flower painting by Ger Van Elk
Bouquet Anvers by Ger Van Elk

150 Nineteen ninety‑three, A.D. [Not Subd Geog] [sp2011001971]
450 UF 1993 A.D. 450 UF Nineteen hundred ninety‑three, A.D.
450 UF Year nineteen ninety‑fthree, A.D.
550 BT Nineteen nineties

Windows 3.11 screenshot
Windows 3.11 screenshot, from Wikipedia

150 Islands—Macedonia [sp2011001898]

Picture of golem grad island seen from the water

It seems there’s only one island in Macedonia, so it probably slipped through the cracks until now…but in that case perhaps there should be a new heading that reads “Island — Macedonia”?

thumbnail for solemone on behance
click me!
150 Rainbow in art CANCEL
150 Rainbows in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp 85111207]
450 UF Rainbow in art [EARLIER FORM OF HEADING]

150 Steel sculpture, Chinese [May Subd Geog] [sp2011001979]
450 UF Chinese steel sculpture

150 Tiles in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2011001832]

Persian Warriors from Ishtar Gate, Pergamon Museum
Persian Warriors from Ishtar Gate, Pergamon Museum (wikipedia image)

150 Trails—Iceland [sp2011001987]

Iceland trail and haunted areas map
click to enlarge

150 War horses in literature [Not Subd Geog] [sp2011001805]

150 Children—Bolivia [sp2011001984]

Albumen prints of Aymara indigenous people from Bolivia
from the Church collection at Brown University Library

Smitten by frontier fiction

Anyone who’s read my blogs for awhile or seen my Flickr knows that I grew up around horses and am still a bit horse-crazy. When I played dress-up as a kid, I would put on ridiculous high-heeled shoes that were 12 sizes too big for me and teeter my way across the gravel road to the horse pasture:

childhood me in a dress, in a tree, with Freckles
childhood me in a dress, in a tree, with Freckles the horse

My family spent lots of time at rodeos or on extended camping trips that were basically excuses to go riding for days in a row.  Since then I haven’t really had anything to do with horses, except for daydreaming about them and living vicariously through movies and, more recently, video games. Or, I should say, just one video game: Red Dead Redemption, of course. I’m really close to beating the game, but I suspect I might just come back to it and ride around on my horse, rescuing ladies and shooting crows. All the virtual horse-riding is relaxing. Of course not as relaxing as riding a real horse, but I’ll take what I can get.

The animation of the horses in this game is really amazing. My pardner and I both got cowboy fever thanks to spending so much time in the virtual Old West. I had never seen any “spaghetti” Westerns, so we watched A Fistful of Dollars and will probably watch other Sergio Leone films once I stop wanting to indulge in season one of The Tudors.

What prompted me to make this post was that today, as I walked past the new book shelf at my library, I saw this book and immediately grabbed it. The first paragraph on the back cover is quite eloquent, so I’ll leave you with that in hopes that it will whet your appetite.

“A corral of cattle rustlers, outlaws, and other desperadoes ride the range in this bronco-busting anthology of nineteen tales set in the Old West. Spanning the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the diverse stories prove there’s no ‘average’ cowboy, but a wide range of rugged individuals. Yet these vividly portrayed characters all seem to posses a sense of freedom, a strong relationship with the land, and a desire to live by their own standards. The result is an action-packed collection that’s a feast for anyone smitten by frontier fiction.”


See also:

National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum

The Cowboy Encyclopedia

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s book list of Westerns, “When You Call Me That, Smile!”

Desktop wallpapers #3

I guess it could be somewhat offensive to the photographers that I’m recommending their images as desktop wallpaper.  But it just means I think it’s a great photo!  If I had money and owned a house I would recommend photographs I like as “things to buy prints of and frame” but until then my computers have the only walls I’m allowed to wallpaper.   Even so, I will change the name of these posts from now on.

red maple leaves with blurry bg
"autumn leaves" by user Nossirom on
orange and yellow squiggly lights on dark background
"light" by user hoener on
starry sky over mt. rainier
"A Night at Mt. Rainier" by user Cap'n Surly on Flickr

The stars in that last image are really amazing.  I recommend other photos in “Cap’n Surly’s” stream as well. Very dramatic! There’s also some silhouettes of horses, which turn out to be a monument that I’ve never heard of despite living in Washington and visiting various points along the Columbia river.  I need to see this someday.