Best Thursday night in awhile

Last night my pardner and I saw Rush play the album “Moving Pictures” (and more) in its entirety at Pittsburgh’s jaw-dropping (and vertigo-inducing)  new arena.  I can’t believe those guys have been killing it like that for so many years.  WHAT A SHOW.


“Musically, do we even have to bother saying that it was epic and tight? Or do you already know that Mr. Lee, underrated guitar hero Alex Lifeson and drum god Neil Peart are a Swiss watch of a machine? […]

From “Moving Pictures” Rush moved toward a third hour with Mr. Peart’s funtastic drum exhibition and, at last, ’70s show-stoppers like “Closer to the Heart,” the “2112 Overture” and a reggae-fied “Working Man.”

It was so generous that at the end it was hard to imagine any of the 13 shows the band played at the old arena topping this one. Thirty years from now people will wish they had a time machine to go back to Thursday night.”

“Rush Makes Time Stand Still” – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette