French library words

Could be useful to know…(I’m leaving out the most obvious ones like “un document”, “un livre”)

un abonnement – a subscription
abonnements papiers/électroniques – paper/electronic subscriptions
bases de données – databases
un/une bibliothécaire – a librarian
la bibliothéconomie – library science
une bibliothèque numérique – a digital library
le catalogage – cataloging
la formation – instruction
informatique documentaire – can’t find a direct translation for this one. I saw it defined as “Informatique appliquée au traitement de documents.” (informatique = computer science)
une institution d’enseignement supérieur / de recherche – a higher education/research institution
un journal – a newspaper (or, in other cases, a diary)
une monographie – a monograph
un moteur de recherche – a search engine
un ouvrage – a work
partage de documents/de ressources – document/resource sharing
un périodique – a periodical
ressources numériques – digital resources
ressources électroniques – electronic resources
une revue – a journal
des utilisateurs – users (“utilisateur final” = end user)

This exercise has been brought to you by the fact that I’m going to a French discussion group at noon and it will be the first time I’ve spoken French in a couple years. Except for the monologues and French karaoke that occur in my dreams.