Desktop wallpapers #4

finally, it’s spring. or more like summer, but whatever.

gulls flying
gulls by opwierde
leaves against a blue sky
leaves against a blue sky by bertvthul
blue sky, orange diagonal structure
opposite colours by hakze

apps r fun

Until today I’ve been pretty restrained with downloading apps for my new phone.  But I got bored/curious and downloaded a few today, including Retro Camera by Urbian, Inc.  I LOVE IT.  I had fun today just taking pictures of my workplace; imagine what I could do out in the world!  Even though retro-looking photos have been done so much it’s kind of sickening, I can’t help liking the look of them.  What I especially appreciate about this app is how the interface changes with each retro camera to make it kinda look like you’re using a different one each time.  And it’s just cute how the images hang on a string like in a darkroom.

taken with "xolaroid2000" camera
taken with "FudgeCan" camera
taken with pinhole camera
taken with "little orange box" camera

The app makes sharing photos easy too. I just emailed them to myself (and friends) but you can Facebook them or share via Twitter. The only drawback I’ve found so far is that some of the buttons are small and thus hard to touch accurately on the first try, and the viewfinder window can be a bit tiny. I apologize in advance if I start posting millions of fake polaroids on this blog.

Belated minor fame

I just checked my notifications on one of my Flickr accounts, and found out that a photo I had been asked to contribute to an online city guide was actually chosen and posted (like 6 months ago). It’s a picture of the Seattle Public Library, and it’s on a page about where to get access to the internet in Seattle. Ha! How appropriate. Here’s the main page for Seattle. This site is weird…apparently you can download their guide books and bookmark places. Actually this is a better description:

We released our first Schmap City Guides in March 2006: initially revised twice a year, our guides are now updated real-time, with local buzz for restaurants and bars from Twitter users, reviews from local residents, local photos from more than 300,000 contributing photographers, plus events, activities and local deals via users of our popular Twitter service.

seattle public library
the photo that will make me famous, along with 300,000 other people

Real-time guide books: that’s a good idea. I’ll have to check it out more when I activate my NEW SMART PHONE. Woo-hoo, welcome to the 21st century.

desktop wallpapers #1

i’m always really excited when it’s time to pick a new desktop wallpaper. so i figured why not share in case someone else wants to enjoy? i frequently use the stock photo site because i like the hierarchical categories they offer for browsing. sometimes i use flickr, of course. both of these images came from stock.xchng though.

August wallpaper part 1 (when i was still into summer)

three colors of tile form a wave pattern
by user Ale_Paiva

August wallpaper part 2 (when i am eagerly anticipating fall)

golden light in ancient window alcoves
by user bitan310

note: if you sign up for a free account with stock.xchng you can get large image files that you can use in ways that don’t violate the posted restrictions. like for personal enjoyment.

Visualizing the LCSH: lists 26-30

(C) 150 Physically active people—Identity [sp2010012190]
550 BT Identity (Psychology)

boy turning into blackbirds
work by Jude Griebel

150 Sedentary behavior in children [May Subd Geog] [sp2010012191]
450 UF Child sedentary behavior
450 UF Childhood physical inactivity
450 UF Childhood sedentary behavior
550 BT Child psychology

child reading at bottom of slide
Paul Blow - illustration for the Boston Globe

(C) 150 Vivisection in literature [Not Subd Geog] [sp2010012137]
or how ’bout in movies?

rabid robo dog on movie cover
This story centers around a high-tech biotechnology lab. From its confines comes "Max," a genetically engineered killing machine in the guise of a household pet dog.

(C) 150 Robotic exoskeletons [May Subd Geog] [sp2010011967]
450 UF Artificial exoskeletons
450 UF Biomechatronic exoskeletons
450 UF Defense exoskeletons
450 UF Exoskeleton suits
450 UF Military exoskeletons
450 UF Powered armor
450 UF Powered exoskeletons
450 UF Wearable exoskeletons

machine armor
"Angels Forever" by Vojtech Lacina

150 Corporate veil [May Subd Geog] [sp 94002192]
* 450 UF Disregard of corporate entity [EARLIER FORM OF HEADING]
* 450 UF Disregarding the corporate entity

suit hovers with shadow
illustration by Jon Foster

150 Rope skipping [May Subd Geog] [sp 85115387]
* 550 BT Games

150 Bodies of water in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2010010340]

waterfall made of fabric
waterfall by Noemie Goudal

151 Turkey—Imprints [sp2010010950]

this isn't actually what they meant.

150 Windows—Design and construction [sp2010010981]

by Ayla87 on


Amazing that “stuffed foods” is the broader heading. It makes sense, in a weird sort of way.
150 Burritos (Cooking) [May Subd Geog] [sp 91002636]
450 UF Burritos (Cookery) [EARLIER FORM OF HEADING]
550 BT Stuffed foods (Cooking)

(C) 150 Concentration camp inmates as athletes [May Subd Geog] [sp2010011974]
550 BT Athletes

150 Child ragpickers [May Subd Geog] [sp2010011989]
550 BT Ragpickers

(C) 150 Blondes in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2010010078]

150 Cell phones in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2010012003]
053 N8217.C269

On Libraries

Not sure I really think digital curation is synonymous with digital libraries. One is an action/process, the other is a thing, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
150 Digital libraries [May Subd Geog] [sp 95008857]
* 450 UF Digital curation

Wonder what prompted this change….
150 Library materials [May Subd Geog] [sp 85076704]
* 450 UF Library collections (Materials)
* 550 RT Library resources
150 Library resources [May Subd Geog] [sp 85076716]
* 550 RT Library materials

Visualizing the LCSH monster update: Jan-Feb 2010

150 Animal jumping [May Subd Geog] [sp 85005205]
* 450 UF Animal leaping
* 450 UF Jumping behavior in animals
* 450 UF Leaping behavior in animals

Humans jumping animals: “Gaito Loka becomes a man during his initiation ritual, sometimes called cattle jumping. Male friends and relatives hold the animals in place as the jumper runs along their backs. Afterward, the young Hamar man must adhere to a strict diet including blood, milk, and honey until he marries.” – National Geographic

151 Woodward Avenue (Mich.) [sp2010001688]
451 UF M‑1 (Mich.)
451 UF Michigan Highway 1 (Mich.)
550 BT Roads—Michigan

Detroit image from

150 Boring sponges [May Subd Geog] [sp2010001908]
450 UF Bioeroding sponges
450 UF Excavating sponges
550 BT Marine borers
550 BT Sponges

150 Guitar and synthesizer music [May Subd Geog] [sp2010000529]
450 UF Synthesizer and guitar music

150 Spiders in the Koran [sp2010001811]

150 Ninja in popular culture [May Subd Geog] [sp2010001722]
550 BT Popular culture
150 Chinatowns in motion pictures [Not Subd Geog] [sp2010001122]
550 BT Motion pictures

150 Remorse in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2010001322]

photo by Emre Ucar in “Paint it with blur” Flickr pool

150 Stop‑motion animation films [Not Subd Geog] [sp2010000786]
450 UF Object animation films
450 UF Stop‑action animation films
450 UF Stop‑motion animated films
450 UF Stop‑motion films
550 BT Animated films
vegetables and Star Wars to encourage us to buy organic!

150 History painting [May Subd Geog] [sp2008007183]

680 Here are entered works on narrative painting that depicts several figures enacting a scene usually drawn from classical history or mythology, or from the Bible.
550 BT Painting

150  Bats—Mortality   [May Subd Geog]   [sp2009010998]
* 550    RT White‑nose syndrome

150 Buildings—War damage [May Subd Geog] [sp 85145172]
* 550 RT Architecture and war

photograph by Donald Weber from “The Lost War” story, via the Black Snapper photography magazine archives

150  Drinking of alcoholic beverages—Marketing  [sp2010000413]

150  Enemies in art   [Not Subd Geog]   [sp2009010830]

150  Gravity in art   [Not Subd Geog]   [sp2009010556]

from Kaat Van Tiggel’s Flickr photostream

150  Traffic accidents in motion pictures [Not Subd Geog]   [sp2009009535]
550    BT Motion pictures

Weird, overdue, or especially unique headings:

150 Art objects in art [Not Subd Geog] [sp2010001816]

150 Bananas in popular culture [May Subd Geog] CHANGE GEOG [sp2006007645]
* 680 Here are entered works on the representation of bananas in popular culture.

150 Gifted Hawaiian children [May Subd Geog] [sp2010001320]
450 UF Gifted children, Hawaiian
450 UF Hawaiian gifted children
550 BT Gifted children—United States
550 BT Hawaiian children

150 Office buildings—Wales [May Subd Geog] [sp2010001151]

150 Gelatin—Flavor and odor [May Subd Geog] [sp2010000403]
450 UF Gelatin—Odor
550 BT Flavor
550 BT Odors

150 Ruins in motion pictures [Not Subd Geog] [sp2009007969]
* 550 BT Motion pictures

150 Communication in hairdressing [May Subd Geog] [sp2010000047]
550 BT Hairdressing

150 Embassy buildings—Decoration [May Subd Geog] [sp2009011095]
053 NK2195.E43
550 BT Decoration and ornament

150 Sex—Anthropological aspects [May Subd Geog] [sp2010000055]
550 BT Anthropology